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Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to ¡A Sevilla!

Hola a todos,

¡A Sevilla! is going to be our blog from now until the end of our program. I want this blog to be a way to share among us ideas, news about Sevilla, even prices that we are finding to fly to Sevilla. Everything that you may consider of interest for the program can be published here. Some of you might be more experience bloggers than me, in fact I am completely new at this (although I have the input from experienced bloggers at the department), so feel free to offer recommendations as often as you want.

Once we are in Sevilla, this blog will become a showcase for our trip that your friends and family can check, and also an academic tool where you will publish assignments regularly.

As I said, the blog will be use for assignments in our class, so it will be useful to get familiar with it if you do not have any experience.
Hopefully, this will be a fun tool for all of us,


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