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Monday, June 13, 2011


Portugal fue increíble. Probablemente la playa más hermosa que he visto. Sevilla es bella, pero de una manera diferente.
Fuimos en un paseo en barco por los acantilados y en cuevas. Tomé muchas fotos. (Tuve que vaciar mi tarjeta de memoria después de un día) Hemos visto una medusa enorme. Era de la tamaña de una pelota de playa. El agua era cristalina y un poco frío. Nadaba de todos modos. No puedes ir al mar y no nadas.

After that we went to the hotel. My bank froze my card so I didn't get to go anywhere or buy anything. I spent most of my time by the pool or on the beach. I wish I could have spent more time on the beach, but there were ants. Big ants. And I HATE ants more than snakes, and spiders, and jumping off cliffs!

Aside from ants, the only other things I didn't like in Portugal was their dinner service, and the sweet sunburn I got when I fell asleep.
I would love to go back and see the city, and spend more than one day there.

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